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 Recruitment codex

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PostSubject: Recruitment codex   Tue Sep 11, 2007 6:15 pm

Recruitement status: Open


As you may notice, the recrutation here is a bit more different than in other clans. We give you the blank paper, you have to write everything that should be in your apply.

We don't force you to waste the time on writing a long apply - no, we don't want any long applies, just spend few minutes of your life and write an interesting apply for us - we just want you to show that you're worth to be a Solar System Clan member.

The apply should contain a little introduction text about yourself, important things like name, nationality, age and the reason you decided to join the Solar System Clan.

The name of the topic of your apply should contain your in-game nickname.

After apply you have to wear the Solar System Clan trial icon - to get it ask Crashbandicoot, Chiprel or Ganon in game. After you received it Suns will spectate you to fell their decision.

Good luck, volunteer!
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Recruitment codex
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