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 Computer technics HELP!

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cool spammer

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PostSubject: Re: Computer technics HELP!   Fri Dec 03, 2010 10:51 pm

Thanks for help drk and Chiprel too. Smile I looked inside the processor and it seemed to me that floppy cable wasn't connected, because there weren't any cable that connect floppy device. So decided to turn on PC and do the following tasks in BIOS, but unfortunately it didn't turn on and I heard just some acuteness sound and then the power pack burnt down. So they will take the PC to some expert who will change it and I guess fix the other problems.

P.S. The screen freezed after pressing F1 and only restart could exit it.

And if I don't bother you, will be pleasant to see the example screenshot to make better my knowledge about these stuffs. Very Happy
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Computer technics HELP!
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